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AR/VR User Interface Prototyping (2014)













WrenAR heavily invested in AR/VR interaction and interface, specifically touch and gesture based interactions in VR/AR space. The focus has been on what's been recently deemed NUI or Natural User interface. 


Below you will find some excellent examples of what is possible when you strap on an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller.


Construct Mode

(Lego/MineCraft behavior in VR/AR)

Download this Playable Build (Win 32) here

(Note: This build requires an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller to play)


This video shows off the latest build of the WrenAR Construct mode demo. New to this build is shader manipulation in real-time, so that you can not only create blocks of various shapes and sizes, combine them into objects and structures, manipulate them by touching them, adjust their physical properties, paint them any color you want, in VR with your hands...but now you can also tweak some basic shader settings, such as transparent and specular shading per brick. Also, I spent some time fixing bugs, and decided to re-write the entire controller for the astronaut, so it is much more stable and less buggy when interacting with rigidbodies

UI Magic 

(Orbit UI, Force Controls, Virtual Keyboard and Screen)


Download this Playable Build (Win 32) here

(Note: This build requires an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller to play)


This demo focuses solely on UI and hand interactions:

  • Interactive menu systems using VR and Leap Motion selection and control

  • Interactive colored lenses which can be moved and combined to produce some really cool effects, and a similar interactive rear view mirror

  • An orb which you can manipulate using push and attract magnetic forces from your hands, as well as touch, pick up and move etc.

  • An interactive deck of cards, a reflective ui element which is interactive and movable

  • a functioning VR keyboard and screen that lets you type messages in VR space


Passthrough and Moon Basketball


Download this Playable Build (Win 32) here

(Note: This build requires an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller to play)


This demo expands on the UI Magic demo above and adds the following:

  • Passthrough ability to turn on the Leap Motion cameras and still manipulate objects using your hands without augmented 3D hand models. 

  • Ability to turn off the terrain for better passthrough visibility

  • Basketball to interact with (can be dribbled on moon)

  • Earth Ball (much larger basketball to play with)

Lunar Oculus Prototype v1.2 (Mid-December)


Download this Playable Build (Win 32) here

(Note: This build requires an Oculus Rift with Leap Motion Controller optional)


This is a prototype highlighting many custom VR solutions

New features for this build: 

  • New "Float UI" for use in AR/VR Spaces - stays out of the way, you can look down at it to get information and even look closer for more details.

  • Look targeting (can target with 3D cursor using mouse or just by looking at something), projector 3d reticle added too.

  • Programmable Harvesters and Silo for Collection of Resources (New 3D menu system)

  • Added Playable Astronaut with both 3rd and 1st Person Control (can play as blimp or rover too)

  • Leap Motion Support and Interactive Hands in 1st Person Mode

  • Directional Jump Jets for Astronaut

  • Placeholder vox sounds, compliments of C&C

  • Updated Blimp Model and Physics

  • Capped Rover Speed min/max to limit jitter and flying off into space

  • Put in invisible barriers at edges of map to prevent flying off into space

New Controls/Tips to help out with this build: 

  • "\" to reset the level, this will also reset the Float UI relative to your orientation to the positional tracker. Ideally you want the minimap centered, and below you normal field of view, so that you need to look down to see it. You can slide your positional tracker left/right also to adjust this.

  • "b" this will drop in a new harvester, up to 26 total can be dropped, each with unique names/stats.

  • WASD to move in all three modes (rover/blimp/astronaut)

  • Middle Mouse Button to use jump jets with astronaut, WASD to control direction in air

  • Mouse wheel up 3-4 times to get blimp off ground, then trim to find neutral buoancy.

  • Harvester commands are a little buggy, sometimes you need to tell them 2X to do something, also they will not harvest unless there are resources for them to go get. "Goto" will have them follow your cursor (you can have them chase wherever you re looking.

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