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Construct Mode - Nearly Complete!

(Note: You will need an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller to play it) This build also has all of the previous VR UI demos too (basketball, cards, kaleidoscope etc.)

This is a brief video showing some of the features of the NEW VR CONSTRUCT mode for the WrenAR UI demo. In this build you can build objects and structures on the moon. You can build them any shape or size and paint them any color you want, all in real-time, in VR, using your hands! In this video I show off some of the different primitives you can build (there are 3 shapes and 4 sizes each, for 12 total "bricks" to build with. You can change modes to change you interactions with the things you build, for example turning on gravity and then touching objects will make them fall to the ground, and using move mode and magnetically pulling objects will make them weightless again. Paint mode gives you a limitless palette of colors to customize your creations, painting is as simple as waving your hand.

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