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Wren's Quality Kicks

This is a virtual shopping experience. It is designed to be a very comfortable experience with many options to try on shoes and see them in different settings and activities. Of note is that it includes a fully rigged avatar which emulates your hand and body movements. The avatar is a 3D scan, but any avatar can be used, it is a longterm goal of this project to allow customers to scan themselves rapidly into the experience and then customize their avatar. IK for both hands and legs is used to create a very realistic VR experience. Almost everything in the shoe shop can be manipulated by the player. Players can try on every shoe in the shop and see themselves wearing them by looking down at their feet or in the mirror, you can even wear 2 different shoes to compare them. A fully playable basketball minigame, dancing, disco and outerspace mode are all additional features available in Wren's Quality Kicks. Some Future goals include supporting multiple hand gesture recognition sources, 4 tracked controllers for better arm and leg tracking, multiplayer, chat, eye tracking and facial expression tracking.

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