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Glass Prototyping

One of my first experiments in Google Glass was to make a controller. I started with a fully 3D controller which moved based on your head movements, but this was REALLY annoying to use. So I instead opted to make a boat controller, so that tilting your head will tilt/turn the boat (original design had it so you would tilt forward to go forward and tilt back to stop, but this was removed because it was annoying too) So now you tilt to turn, and you hum (vibrate) to make the boat go, on a tablet you can blow into the mic to make the boat go, speed variable based on volume, amount of breath. Also after a week, I've done everything you can do with this garbage hardware, and am stopping Glass development, this hardware is going nowhere, it is hard to work with, controls are stupid, and it gets hot enough to burn you when running any decent graphics, and overheats. Classic insular development..rookie move.


Link to APK:

WrenAR Pirate Paint Google Glass

Side Loaded Apps


This is Candy Crush side-loaded onto the Glass (Image taken with a vignette). It runs fine, although it heats up pretty quick. There is no easy way to workaround or inject some control wrapper into this, so you can look at the loading screen, but there's no glass interface for this game yet. Image is also an Google + Awesome pic, hence the snow. Can't legally post APK.

This is Flappy Bird side-loaded onto the Glass (picture from my camera at the screen of the device) Like above, it runs fine and gets the processor hot! Again no control scheme for this, just wanted to see if it would load up. Can't legally post APK. 

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