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About Us


WrenAR was started in 2014 to provide custom AR and VR solutions for companies looking to enter the space, or for companies looking to advance their AR/VR capabilities. 


The Company was  founded by Chris Wren, who comes from a background in AAA game development, working as an artist and producer for 12+ years at companies like EA/Maxis, Namco and Microprose. Among the titles he has worked on are the award winning F-16 combat flight simulator Falcon 4.0, the Sims franchise (he worked on 7 of them), and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Chris studied Cognitive Psychology at University of San Francisco, and earned his Master of Education in instructional technology at George Mason University. Chris has spent the last 8 years instructing game development at George Mason University in Virginia and for over 5 years he has been researching and prototyping VR and AR. 


WrenAR specializes in creating new experiences, pushing the limits of hardware, software and social connectivity to establish never-before-seen experiences at the absolute limit of possibility. Advanced AR/VR interface, interactivity and natural interactions are areas where we excel.


If you have an idea for Augmented or Virtual Reality, contact us and we can make it a reality. 



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