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This is a small collection of Android AR prototypes created from 2012 - 2014.




Rearrange the Furniture

This a re-make of a demo i created in 2013, but with updated sdks. In this demo you can create world targets using markerless tracking via Metaio, and then you can pick up and move furniture within the room using your finger on the touchscreen. The experiment here was learning how to best pick up and hold objects, what feedback was needed for a usable interface, and how to attach and remove objects parented to their markers. What this could allow for easily is an IKEA catalog where you pick up and move furniture from the catalog into various rooms in your house, re-color/upholster them, and why not add in some Sims to see how you'd enjoy the place before you go and buy all that furniture.

Download the Android App here

Download the AR  Image Target

Download the PC Leap Motion enabled build here



This was a painting tool I originally made to learn touch interface, but it evolved into a full 3D paint program with 2D and 3D painting, in any color, custom palettes, and AR target acquisition, so your paintings become 3D sculptures which can be further painted on or interacted with. For example you can paint a bowl, snap it to an AR target, and then in the real world pour 3D painted rigidbodies into the bowl to fill it up. 


Download the WrenAR Fingerpaint Android App here

Download the image target used with this build

Watch a demonstration/tutorial of how FIngerpaint works


More images/details on the development of this app here

Construct AR

This is an AR construction playset. This version uses markerless tracking. You can just watch the action, and move your screen around to see different parts of the site, OR you can get involved including driving the truck around using on screen joysticks. 


Download the Android App here (no image target needed)

Download Optional Target Image



Desk Hoops Mobile

This is an AR Android game where you can play "pop-a-shot" with a court and hoop that are AR targeted in your room somewhere, This build uses markerless 2D and 3D tracking. Easy to use controls make it fun and challenging to score baskets. 


Download the Hoops Mobile Android App (no target needed)

Download optional target for desk hoops


I also have a version of this fo use with my Mobile Oculus/Leap/2 Camera AR Rig! So if you have an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller, and a binocular webcam rig (you can probably get away with only a single webcam), you can try the ultimate AR basketball experience: 


Download the Oculus/Leap/AR Win32 build here




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