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Rift Experiment #4: Metaio, An AR toolkit that publishes to Windows

With the aforementioned shortcoming of Vuforia, I was forced to look into other AR toolkits for publishing standalone Windows AR builds that would work with the Oculus Rift. I downloaded the "AR Toolkit", "Daram", "Wikitude" and "Metaio". Daram was an extension of Vuforia, so no good for me here, AR Toolkit had some interesting tools, but crude and not user friendly, Wikitude was not geared for 3D content well, but makes great use of location services. Finally, there was Metaio, this was not as friendly as Vuforia, but has some amazing tools at its disposal, it has a Unity Plugin, lots of examples, uses location servies natively, and above all else it publishes to Windows! So I spent some time with this toolkit, and am still going through tutorials. It looks like they have made a decent effort to port their Java/Objective C code over to Unity, but it's not 100% so there are many broken scripts and things to fix with the demos they provide. Nonetheless, it is a really cool toolkit. did not take too long to get it working with the rift. This image is my first experiment with the Metaio toolkit, and the Oculus Rift. Issue here is same as Vuforia, no convergence with background stream, so looking for solutions to edit this.

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