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VR Paint Debut

This is the initial release of the VR Paint Prototype from WrenAR for use with the HTC Vive VR headset. In short, it is the best paint program for VR ever made and it is just getting started. VR Paint allows you to use your Vive controllers to customize brush types, sizes, flow rates, colors and more. Spray paint the entire terrain, use as many colors and as much paint as you want, it is optimized to never slow down. Use big paint splats to cover large areas or dial it down for precision work or writing words, both are very intuitive and easy to use. Why paint with a spray can when you can use your dual paint guns! This method stores unique data in each paint ball, which contains the size of the splat, the brush type used and the color, so whenever these balls hit a surface, they will deliver a very specific payload. You can even pick them up and throw them using the LEAP motion controller. Why stop at spraypaint and guns?...In VR Paint you can paint 3D ribbon scuptures in any color with varying textures and other graphic properties. Dynamic Trigger Throttling, allows you to change the size of the ribbon on the fly! Besides ribbons, there are 3D tubes which can be created in any color and in any shape you can imagine. Again the variable throttle will give artists complete control over their creations. Lastly, you can switch to double secret LEAP motion mode and paint 3D tubes with your hands, selecting paint colors from a palette using your fingertips like never before in a paint program. There is still much to do, but try it out and you'll see the VR Paint advantage, and its free!

Download a demo of this soon on

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