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Rift Experiment #6: Fixing the Zoom issue

Now that I have convergence, the issue I've noticed is that the streams in the background are zoomed in, i.e. they do not emulate my actual vision, but rather a zoomed in version, so it is hard to operate (like walking around town wearing binoculars). I managed to fix this, and the effect is that I can operate perfectly with the rift on, like having "magic eyes". The downside is that my 1 camera rig and resolution issues prevent me from filling the whole rift view, so it spoils some of the rift awesomeness(like peripheral vision etc). So in progress designing a rig with 2 cameras that have enough resolution to handle the whole rift view (and considering probable increase in rift resolution for Dev Kit 2). What's weird is that 3D objects spawned from AR targets actually live across the entire viewport, so they break out of the frames of the "real world" . In the image you can see the new rig and an MRT example we are toying with.

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