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Rearrange the Furniture

I made this prototype orginally almost 2 years ago. The goal was to create a room and be able to highlight, pickup, and move furniture in the room using only your camera and a single touch. I originally made this with Vuforia, but I want to be able to use my Leap Motion with it, so I ported all of the code to C# and moved the project to Metaio, so that I can publish to Windows and use the Leap Motion controller to reach in and pick up and move furniture. Currently this is an android build, and you just touch the screen once you've highlighted a piece of furniture to pick it up, you let go to drop it.

The furniture has physics, I've been playing around trying to find the best options here. If you let them do anything they will land at angles and on top of each other. This is good in that it feels somewhat realistic, but the downside is that it is messy to control. You can restrain axes, and you get different interesting, but still clunky results. I think the best solution here is to have modes so that you can place an object, and then rotate it freely or to fixed angles, also I thin ksome sort of projector might be helpful to know where the furniture will land on the ground when you drop.

Also this demo has free downloaded models from the internet (, but they are high poly and I think this is killing my framerate, so will need to optimize here.

Hooking up Leap Motion and Optimizing tomorrow.

Get the Image Target here:

Get the WIP APK here:

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