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Rearrange the Furniture pt.3

You're right, no human being would stack furniture like this...

You can also do Instant 3D Tracking with this build (no target needed), it works fine, but stability is an issue. To do it, press the "Start 3D Tracking" button, and then slowly move your camera/device in one direction, after a few seconds, you should see the lines disappear and the 3D content should show up, married to whatever objects you were targeting (I use my keyboard a lot as a target).

In Metaio, I figured out how to add custom targets and to edit xml files to have multiple targets and to adjust the tracking rules and fuser behavior for the targets. So I can almost do everything I could in Vuforia in Metaio now, I still think tracking is more stable in Vuforia, but hard to resist the awesome features in Metaio...

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