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Leap Motion Furniture Test

I hooked up Leap Motion to my furniture demo and made a few changes. I stole the hand from the SixSense razer demo, and used that instead of the usual finger sticks Leap has, I also limited the number of instances to 1 so that only 1 hand would appear. I have control over the hand's animation via mechanim, and it translates and rotates using the Leap Input. The hand can interact directly with objects and push them around etc, it can also pick them up and drop them (as of now a button is needed to make it work, (but I could imagine using a timing or shake mechanic to stick and drop things). The Leap Selection Controller allows for grabbing thngs, recognizing the closed hand gesture. I think I can get that working properly with this hand and its animations, but there will be some smoke and mirrors to make it look right. Cannot correctly articulate the fingers of this hand to correspond withthe Leap Fingers, so just using whole hand for now. Still really cool. Using metaio, so I can generate a windows executable of this build. For now it's WIP so give me some time to tune it up.

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