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Wren AR DeskHoops Mobile Android Edition

I was out of town for the last couple days, and finally got back to tuning up the DeskHoops demo. This version is for Android, and works well with an Image Target or using 3D or 2D Tracking. The version in the image below was just a proof of concept, The fullcourt is unnecessary, I made it just halfcourt with a single basket to shoot straight on. This version worked fine, you can shoot both baskets and score points, but it wasn't practical to demo(maybe for future multiplayer... At least 2 more versions of this on the way before the weekend:

  1. Glass Version - just formatted to fit glass and adding in secondary touch pad control for the input.

  2. Windows EXE, Oculus Rift Support, LEAP Motion support, instead of touching screen or touchpad to get basketballs, you grab them, and the power meter will increase once you grab, you aim and release to shoot (this works already, but I need to tune it up

Sidenote: Planning 2 more complete demos to polish up prior to AWE Conference (not promising anything, but Construction Site and Look-UI are good candidates)

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