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Wren AR DeskHoops Mobile/Oculus/LEAP edition

This video is a brief overview of my AR Oculus rig and the WrenAR DeskHoops game. The game showcases how all of this technology can come together and be meaningful. This Oculus Rift rig is mobile so you can walk around anywhere with it on, because it is AR and has binocular vision, you can see pretty well with it on (picking up small objects, typing on a keyboard etc.) The DeskHoops demo showcases how this rig works with 2 unique streams of input, high resolution and high framerate, immersive experience in the Rift. Complex interactions such as picking up objects and throwing them different directions and distances using the LEAP Motion controller are present, as is interaction of objects thrown with AR targeted objects (such as scoring baskets on the AR target basketball court). These demos allow you to generate AR targets from anything using either 2D or 3D tracking or you can use existing AR targets.

Some notes about these prototypes:

For the Windows version, you need at least a LEAP motion controller to use it, ideally you would have an oculus rift, 2 webcams, and a LEAP motion for the full experience.

Alternatively you can try out the android version on any android device.

For the Windows version:

  • Run the Shortcut, not the raw executable

  • Use the arrow keys to achieve convergence in the Oculus Rift with the background feed

  • Use the WASD keys if you need to get convergence with any of the 3D objects.

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