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Construct Mode: More VR Awesomeness

Build and Paint in VR on the moon! There are clearly some bugs still to work out, and some usability to enhance, but I wanted to share what I've been tinkering with this week: It's a build mode for the WrenAR UI demo that lets you build objects and structures in VR using your hands! This demo uses Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. You can build bricks of different sizes, snap them together into shapes and move them around with your hands. You can paint the bricks any color you want by choosing a color from your palette (a real 3D palette on your right hand), and then simply touch the bricks with your hand to color them. you can also choose a color and build new bricks using that color. Lots more features to add and kinks to work out, but it's coming along and working well. I'll post up a build and better video soon.

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