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Lunar Demo Integrated (PC/Oculus/Leap)

The lunar demo has been updated to include all of the VR UI hand prototypes, all of build/paint mode, as well as the new "spectro" mode (seen above). Enjoy!

Look down for Float UI/Minimap - it has instructions per vehicle.

Short List of HotKeys:

WASD - movement

"\" = reset level and UI orientation

"]" = teleport player character to beginning location (if stuck or to speed up travel time

"v" = Volcano Event

"t" = spectro mode

"n" = Rocket Event

"b" = drop in a new harvester

"o" = remove float Ui text below

"m" = remove minimap from below (useful when looking down with Carry All)

Some other new features:

Carry-Alls can now pick up and drop off harvesters, their mining laser has been removed and replaced with a tractor beam for picking up. Also a "turbo" with skywriting trails has been added to this vehicle. Carry all was a blimp in last version, model and design have been updated.

Astronaut controller has been rebuilt to fix a lot of physics issues. if you have a Leap Motion, hands will be active when in 1st person mode for the Astronaut. Float UI buttons will appear in this mode and are accessible using the hands. All of the UI demos like card/kaleidoscope/VRKeyboard etc are available here.

All of build mode is included in 1st person Astronaut also. You can make bricks of different shapes and sizes, paint them adjust their shaders, stick them together and manipulate them with your hands to build structures or objects for a moonbase.

Passthrough mode is much cleaner now - it has been made stereoscopic and using buttons/manipulating objects is much more accurate. (Be sure to turn on "allow images" in the Leap Motion control panel). Also try passthrough with "spectro" mode on :)

Playable Harvester - New playable vehicle, UI changes to payload when in this mode and you can mine and collect ore to return to base camp for processing.

AI Harvesters updated: Menus for AI harvesters updated, it stays put in middle of screen now, and you move the mouse left or right to make menu selections. LMB = select, RMB = close menu. Also harvester move slower proportionate to how full of ore they are, making it valuable for Carry-All to pick them up.

Rocket and Volcano Events - check em out, adds a little VR flavor to the moon. Also Volcano is natural resource producer.

Spectro Mode - this will fit in with the mining and exploration (spectrometer) - but for now just fun.

Fixed shadows so they are crisp.

Many optimizations - it runs much faster now!

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