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DK2/GearVR - ISS Project to be renamed - Lazarus

Download the Oculus Win64 DK2 Version here. (Bluetooth Controller, Nod Ring, Leap Motion supported)

I managed to port my ISS project from back in May to my new Gear VR. I also got a bluetooth controller hooked up and tuned the controls to make this a really fun experience. Gear is very limited on textures and shaders, and limiting lights, doing lightmapping, and basically turning things off as much as possible is necessary to get the framerate acceptible. In stripping down the Gear version I learned a lot about shaders and lights and decided to then turn back towards DK2 development and apply what I learned. First step was to improve the Earth, so I updated ground textures added detail maps and normal detail maps to give it some tooth, and hugely improved the clouds. I also tried to adjust its size and position so that it was more in keeping with the actual orbit of the ISS. The framerate was butter smooth, so I found myself hanging out in the ISS for long stretches, some of them over an hour. I fixed up some geoetry issues, and then decided I needed the entie ISS visible when you look out the Cupola, so I put it in, and it looks awesome!!! Using a brand new rig I built for the gear, I then added in the Leap Motion controller so you can reach out and touch objects floating in zero-g. It's shaping up to be a really good project. Need to add some interactivity in the next pass, more stuff to do, missions etc.

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