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Note 4/GearVR - No Leap Motion Possible

After trying about a dozen different configurations and going back and forth with the guys at Leap Motion, I finally realized thay even they can't get this working on the GearVR1 (Note4 innovator edition). What I was trying to do was get the Phone to run through a hub and power the Leap Motion, which I've gotten working with Cardboard and my OpenGear (homemade GearVR). However either the pins are wrong or there is another method og the Gear detecting the proper phone when plugged in.

I ordered a connector from China, took forever to get here, and when it did, it didn't solve the problem, the phone would not go into GearVR mode when plugged in. I think this might be a pin issue. Some micro usbs from samsung can support more pins and they do this for simultaneous data/power and fast charging. I think this adapter is a plain USB or USB2 and doesn't have enough pins to recognize.

I considered a bluetooth connection also, there were reports of people using a pc and bluetooth from the pc to a robot driven by an arduino, but I think there was another step on the PC of converting Leap signals into commands to the arduino which was then sent over bluetooth. So no easy way to directly interpret leap info on the phone and pipe that through bluetooth. I think possible, but beyond my immediate ability, this is bugging me, so might try to figure it out anyway, but it's no small task.

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