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Moon Racer Lives Again!

DK2 Required, Bluetooth Controller Recommended (plays great on keyboard/mouse too)

Here's the playable Build:

This is a combat racer on the moon designed for VR. Trick out your Lunar Rover, then blast across the moonscape against 4 AI drones. Speed kills, any collision north of 100 will obliterate your poor rover. At your disposal is a very powerful laser mounted on the front of your rover which can move most objects and blow up others. You also have a magna-beam which will pull in most objects including your opponents. For no particular reason you also have access to thermal vision, which makes no sense, but it is fun. Try to see how fast you can complete the race without exploding or just tool around the moon blowing things up. DK2 required, and I strongly recommend a bluetooth controller, but it is very playable from the mouse and keyboard. I also have versions of this for GearVR, ping me if you'd like to check it out, I'll need your Osig file. DK2 required, Bluetooth controller recommended, and why not: Leap Motion supported (for loadout menu at beginning). I managed to get the framerate well above 60 FPS on my machine, so should play smooth on most DK2 machines.

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