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Leap Motion + Unreal

My first dive into Leap Motion on Unreal. It seems to works fine, reminds me of early days with Unity and Leap. There are offsets and rotations which don't gel with the HMD. Experimenting with AR Passthrough on the leap, works fine, but is heavily distorted. Tracking onthe hands seems great, the rigged model responds well. The issue is that there is an inverse rotation on the hands when the "Auto Attach to Camera" option is enabled. There is probably a better way to do this, so once I sort the proper parenting, I think the offests and rotations should be no problem. Sidenote: Unreal 4.9.2 does NOT play with the 4.9 Leap motion community plugin (getnamo). However, you can use the 4.9 Leap Assets with the latest Unreal and they seem to work fine.

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