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Multiplayer Jellies Progress

I've got most of the multiplayer issues worked out. Now multiple people can be in the same world, each with a unique avatar, unique image passthrough feed, and unique avatar and Leap motion control. I added in some keyboard controls per feedback to allow people to move around within the space. Try it out!!

Multiplayer: You can connect via Matchmaker (Host and Find/Join) and also through LAN (Host/Client)

Avatars: I built this guy in about 1 minute, so think of it as a placeholder - Of course custom avatars down the road...His head will rotate in the direction of your HMD. Bodies don't rotate yet, but I'll put in some controls for this soon.

New Controls:

  • WASD - This will move you around

  • Look in the direction you want to go for forward and back WS

  • AD will strafe you.

  • M: Mirror I put in for testing, it is computationally expensive, so if you notice a framerate drop, disable by toggling "M" again

Up Next:

  • Seeing other people's hands/fingers

  • VOIP with LipSynch

  • Cleaning Up Lobby Buttons and making it more Oculus/Leap friendly

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