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Multiplayer Jellies Progress

Win64 Build (Oculus DK2, 0.8 runtime, Leap Motion, Orion runtime)

I've got most of the multiplayer issues worked out. Now multiple people can be in the same world, each with a unique avatar, unique image passthrough feed, and unique avatar and Leap motion control. I added in some keyboard controls per feedback to allow people to move around within the space. Try it out!!

Multiplayer: You can connect via Matchmaker (Host and Find/Join) and also through LAN (Host/Client)

Avatars: I built this guy in about 1 minute, so think of it as a placeholder - Of course custom avatars down the road...His head will rotate in the direction of your HMD. Bodies don't rotate yet, but I'll put in some controls for this soon.

New Controls:

  • WASD - This will move you around

  • Look in the direction you want to go for forward and back WS

  • AD will strafe you.

  • M: Mirror I put in for testing, it is computationally expensive, so if you notice a framerate drop, disable by toggling "M" again

Up Next:

  • Seeing other people's hands/fingers

  • VOIP with LipSynch

  • Cleaning Up Lobby Buttons and making it more Oculus/Leap friendly

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