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VR Paint Soft&Rigidbody Paint Test

This is an extension of my painting prototypes, this time I was figuring out how to get splat paints to map properly with dynamic softbodies and rigidbodies. I kept the movie short, but included in this build are all of the painting, jelly interaction, and hand interactions from all previous jelly demos along with splat and mesh painting. Seen here are random brushes, colors, and sizes, but it is all controllable. I also integrated some Photoshop brushes and started experimenting with painting using those, adding limitless banks of brush types and possibly user created brushes are all possible. Lastly, I added in an erase feature, so you can remove any unwanted paint splats. The only elements not integrated yet are are Grab,Rotate&Scale and 3D Pinch Painting, then onto UI and advanced material editing.

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