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Pirate Paint

Download: WrenAR Pirate Paint APK

I decided to shift gears this morning and get one of my Glass prototypes ready for show. This game lets you drive a boat around by simply singing sea shanties and tilting your head wherever you want to go.

WrenAR Pirate Paint will work on any android device, but it was designed for Google Glass. This app was one of my efforts to design a control scheme for a game in Google glass. Glass has a challenge in that input is tough with only a touchpad, accelerometer movement and voice. This game uses all 3, you tilt your head to turn the sing shanties, hum or just make low grumbly noises to make the boat go forward...and you use the touchpad to shoot cannons. There is a stack of crates you can run into, they will bob and float in the water once crashed into, your bullets will color the crates if they hit them. There are 4 gates in this world, each one will change the time of day (morning,noon,dusk,midnight). It desperately needs some optimization, part of this prototype was to stress test the graphics on Glass too. I'll make a lighter version of it soon with better framerate. Enjoy!

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