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2 Camera Rig for Oculus

Got back on the Oculus prototype train today, I got ambitious and actually rigged up a new 2 camera system, including removing the housing from the webcams (using a hacksaw) and mounting them on the front of the Oculus. Convergence works great, problem is the FOV is too narrow (50 deg) so I feel zoomed in. To fix this need a couple 120 degree lenses to mount on top of these. Also I could use a proper mount, other people have done 3D printing for this, but alas I have no 3D printer and I don't want to pay 80 bucks for a print to be mailed to me.

On the Software side, I built a pretty good setup in Unity that keeps frames high, and allows me to make adjustments, convergence works great. The downside is that the rig is not stable so I need to manually adjust cameras whenever I use it.

Next step is getting a simple demo together with AR and this rig. I think my basketball LEAP Motion demo will be a good one to show this off. Also I have a couple items coming tomorrow which will let me make this whole setup mobile!

More to come...

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