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UI Awesomeness 2.0 Passthrough and Moon Basketball

Look Ma, No Hands!! This demo adds to my previous UI prototyping by showing off passthrough feed of the real world in lieu of 3D emulated hands in VR space. The hands still function and you can still manipulate objects as before, but now it's the real world! Also added basketball on the moon, spent some time getting ball physics working really well in this demo, you can dribble with both hands very effectively, also added a large Earth ball to playing with and added the ability to turn the terrain off so you can really see the passthrough world. Might spend a little time getting Vuforia or Metaio going with this, expecially the smart terrain/SLAM stuff, but really need to get back to the lunar prototype and build mode, so this is probably it on the UI demo for a little bit.

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