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Space Jell-O

Here's a build with the Gels to play with. (DK2 Required / Leap Motion, Bluetooth Controller, and Nod Ring supported)

I spent some time today and fixed up the stability issues on the space gel. I also spent some time with different shaders and physical properties, including a reflective/refractive one, very cool.


  • Movement: WASD /Arrows/Left Joystick

  • Rotate View: Mouse/Right Joystick

  • Look/Positional Track: Oculus DK2

  • Speed Up/Slow Down Time: +/-

  • Change Time of Day for Earth: Mousewheel

Also, had a request for a non Oculus/Leap version, so here it is, but note that pales in comparison to the experience with the Oculus and Leap:

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