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Jelly Garden

Download the playable build seen in this movie here. (Win 64, DK2 Required, Leap Motion/Nod Ring/Bluetooth Controller optional)

I spent a little time today and fixed up the jellyfish, much more realistic behavior and stable, and you can play with them without wrecking them. I also updated the pirate skeleton, starting to think about some fun uses for him, for now he just marches around the treasure saying "Dead Men tell no tales". Next up is adding in some fish/sharks and giving them some behavior, then interactivity and objectives for the player. I want to fix the billboard plants too to be 3D. For the next revision, how bout a speargun? Much thanks to: Akemov for the underwater loop background sounds Ron Kapaun/3TD Studios for his underwater Plants, Reef and Corals Controls: Movement: WASD /Arrows/Left Joystick Rotate View: Mouse/Right Joystick Look/Positional Track: Oculus DK2 Speed Up/Slow Down Time: +/-

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