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Rainbow Jellies

Here's a Win64 build (Oculus DK2,Oculus 0.8 runtime, Leap Orion Runtime):

This is a 2nd softbody test using the Oculus DK2 (runtime 0.8), Leap Motion(Orion SDK runtme) for hand gesture recognition. It adds a cyclical re-spawning event for the jellies so there is a constant stream of them. This polishes up a previous demo adding in some basic reset (spacebar) and quit (esc) functionality. It also adds in sounds and colors to all interactions, minimizes some of the larger obstructing blocks around the player, adds in a destructible website url, adjustments to the materials for the hands, and minor adjustments made to softbody physics too. While no sound was recorded for this video, there are now 3D sounds associated with softbody and rigidbody interactions.

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