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I had a small booth at the VR Village at the East Coast Game Conference down in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a good chance to catch up with some Epic folks from game industry past and to show off my Jellyfish and painting demos to a new crowd. The response was amazing, not one person that put on the headset walked away disappointed, smiles all around. I ended each demo with a simple question, "What'd you think?" Responses were invariably over-the-top positive with comments like: "Wow", "Amazing", "Other demos here are cool, but this was simply a Beautiful Experience", "Incredible", "I've never seen anything like that", "I need to re-adjust to reality now".

Also, the jellyfish demo proved fertile ground for synthesizing touch sensation using only visual and audio cues. More than half of the people playing claimed they felt tingling in their fingers when interacting with the Jellyfish!!

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